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Barley Tea

Barley Tea
Barley Tea
Barley Tea
Barley Tea
Barley Tea
Barley Tea
Barley Tea

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Feel the Aura of tea tasting


The roasted seeds of the barley plant, when brewed to perfection, present one of the most fascinating liquors, which are worth tasting and admiring. This exquisite liquor is barley tea, which is 100% natural and has some amazing health benefits associated with it. This caffeine-free tea is a natural cleanser and has an amazing power to soothe your nerves. The most interesting part of this beverage is it tastes like coffee, and hence a great caffeine-free alternative for coffee lovers! A cup of this tea will make your day brighter, shinier and happier than ever before.


Helps in weight loss
Helps in detoxification by cleansing the blood and excreting out the toxins
Improves digestion
Aids in curing urinary tract infections (UTI)
Relieves the stress and makes you have a sound sleep
Remedy for common cold and flu



Barley Tea offers a mild flovor profile. The taste consists of nutty and slightly sweet flavor with warm, toasty undertones. The toasty taste of barley tea with some bitter hints here and there keeps the palates on the roll. This taste is the result of the roasted barley seeds, which is the main ingredient and renders this tea a taste, which is similar to that of coffee.


The chocolate brown roasted barley seeds have toasty grain aroma, which gives a smokey and coffee like aroma upon brewing. The light and nutty scent of barley tea is soothing and captivating at the same time. 


Barley Tea has a light golden color. The color changes to dark brown if you brew longer.


Roasted barley seeds

What is the ideal time to consume Barley Tea?

You can consume Barley tea any time of the day. Have a cup of this refreshing tea as per your convenience and time schedule.


Making this tea is very simple. Just follow the steps below and you will have the perfect cup of tea ready within no time.
Black Tea

Take 1-2 teaspoon of Barley tea in a cup. (Approximately 2g)

Tea Tea

Boil 150ml of water to 90-95 °C and then pour water into the cup.

Green Tea

Cover the cup and let it brew for 5-6 minutes.

Black Tea

Sieve the brew and your tea is ready.

Additional information: For those who love to have cold brews, barley tea makes for an excellent option for a nice cold cup, which can be enjoyed on a hot summer afternoon. For this you need to place the brewed mug in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours and once it gets chilled, you can take a plunge.
Just add a few cubes of ice right after your sieve your enjoyable brew.