Butterfly Pea Flower Tea: The Herbal Tisane Everyone's Raving About

“Life is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it.” 

-Deja Brew



When you think of tea, you might come across an image of brown, black, or green tea. However, there is another type of tea that has zero caffeine and is popular for weight loss- Butterfly pea flower tea. There seems to be nothing that this tea cannot accomplish when it comes to losing weight or beauty benefits. The popular drink has become a preferred choice of many.


What sets this exquisite colored drink apart from the royal color is its ability to change color with a change in PH. It can change color like a mood ring when you simply add a few drops of lemon juice. In no time you will notice that the blue colored tea is transformed into a beautiful purple color. It’s like magic!



What is blue tea?


Originated in South East Asia, blue tea is prepared by infusing butterfly blue pea flowers in hot water. The flower gives it a rich blue color. It is a tisane tea and is packed with antioxidants and is caffeine free. The tea is often flavored with mint, ginger, cinnamon, and passion fruit. It can be enjoyed hot and cold and is suitable for daily consumption.

Taste, Aroma, and Color

Butterfly pea flower tea has an attractive royal blue color upon brewing. Blue tea has a unique scent. It’s a bit earthy and dried rice aroma. Unlike the scent, flavor is very delicate. It’s slightly woody, earthy and slightly sweet, with a light floral note that will play with your senses and immediately connect you to the roots.


Health Benefits


Let us take a look at the top health benefits of blue tea.


1. Weight Loss


This tea has gained immense popularity for weight loss benefits. It helps burn fat and reduce kilos. Regular consumption of the tea will increase metabolism and burns the excess fat.


2. Anti-Ageing Properties


Blue tea has many antioxidant properties and its consumption will help fight off free radicals, which is the main reason for premature aging of the body. The antioxidants in blue tea can increase collagen production and prevent wrinkles.



3. Reduces Anxiety and Stress


Butterfly pea tea is used for reducing stress and anxiety. It will help you feel relaxed and get good sleep. It also helps improve brain function and enhances memory.


4. Anti-diabetic Properties


The tea is perfect for diabetic individuals as it helps regulate blood sugar levels.


5. Enhances Skin and Hair


Anything rich in antioxidants is ideal for your hair and skin. This tea is packed with many minerals and vitamins, which makes it even more effective for preventing the premature greying of hair and premature aging of the skin.


6. Better Eyesight


The tea is made from Clitoria Ternatea and it has an antioxidant known as proanthocyanidin. This antioxidant can increase the flow of blood to the capillaries of the eyes and is ideal for the treatment of glaucoma and retinal damage.


7. Detoxification


The internal organs in your body will be cleansed when you have a cup of butterfly tea flower tea regularly. It helps cleanse the kidneys, liver, stomach, and intestines.


How to Make Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Properly (Hot & Iced)


This Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea can be enjoyed either hot or cold 





o  Heat water in a pot and turn it off just before it starts to boil. 

o  Add butterfly pea flowers into teapot and then add hot water.

o  Cover the top and wait for it to steep for 3-5 minutes. The water will be a deep blue by this time.

o  Strain butterfly pea flowers and pour hot tea into a teacup.

o  You can add lemon slices into your drink and watch the color change from blue to purple.




o  Put butterfly pea flower tea and cool or room temperature water in a pitcher or glass container.

o  Cover pitcher and put in refrigerator for at least 6 hours

o  Strain out butterfly pea flowers and pour tea into a cup.





o   Pour about 1/4 to 1/3rd of the tea concentrate into a glass with ice and add 2 teaspoons of lime juice and the blue color will turn to purple like magic. 

o   Top up with soda, sprite or 7-up or just plain water. You can also drink like hot tea 


FAQs About Butterfly Pea Flower Tea



Q. Does Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Contain Caffeine?

- Nope, butterfly pea flower tea doesn’t contain any caffeine.


Q. How long should Butterfly Pea Tea Steep or Brew?

-  Brew for about 5 minutes for the best results.


Q. What does Butterfly Pea Flower Tea taste like?

- This tea has a very distinct earthy and woody taste.


Q. Can we consumer Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Everyday?

- Aside from its numerous health properties, a cup of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea every day can help reduce weight and bring about a sense of calm.




As you can see, there are several health benefits of butterfly pea flower tea. The tea is gaining immense popularity across the world for its color, taste and extraordinary health benefits. Move over from the black and green tea and take a sip of the mesmerizing blue tea.


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