All you need to know about Barley Tea  

‘Tea is the elixir of life’

-Lao Tzu



A very famous drink in China, Japan and Korea, Barley tea is gaining popularity across the world. Barley tea is widely believed to provide an array of wonderful health benefits that range from weight loss to blood sugar regulation to boosting your immune system.


A soothing drink that doubles up as a herbal medicine, barley tea is full of antioxidants and acts as a natural anti-bacterial. Unlike the true teas, barley tea is not made from the leaves of camellia sinensis plant, which makes barley tea a tisane tea. The beloved drink is made with roasted seeds of the barley plant. This tea can be enjoyed warm or as a cold beverage as per your personal choice. Barley tea contains zero caffeine, which makes it ideal for consumption in the night. Due to its coffee–like taste, Barley tea is a perfect alternative for coffee lovers.




Originally cultivated in Korea and Japan- the tea has become a popular beverage there. It is harvested in early summer and is brewed with roasted barley seeds. In Korea, the tea is known as Boricha, in Japan it is called Mugicha and Damai Cha in China.


Taste, Aroma and Liquor


Barley Tea offers a mild flavor profile. The taste also consists of nutty and slightly sweet flavor with warm, toasty undertones, which also makes it a great substitute for coffee. The chocolate brown roasted barley seeds have toasty grain aroma, which gives a smokey and coffee like aroma upon brewing. Barley tea has a light golden color. The color changes to dark brown if you brew for longer.



Health benefits of Barley Tea


Here are a few benefits of barley tea that will convince you to make the switch.


1.     Helps in detoxification:

The best way to detoxify your body is through barley tea. It cleanses the blood through a substance known as pyrazine, which prevents coagulation of the blood. Further, it is helpful for the liver and helps excrete toxins from the body. Barley tea will help break down the fat from the body and will allow the liver to function efficiently.


2.     Helps with digestion:

Barley tea has fibre present in it and it helps regulate the movements in the bowel. Further, it prevents constipation and helps clear the gut. The tea also helps relieve indigestion or an upset stomach that is caused due to the imbalance in gut acids. For the best digestive results, drink a cup of barley tea 30 minutes before each meal.


3.     Helps treat urinary infection:

If you want to cure a urinary tract infection (UTI), the best thing to do is drink a lot of fluids. It will flush out the bacteria from the system. Since there is no caffeine in the tea, you can sip it safely throughout the day.


4.    Gives better sleep:

If you are struggling to fall asleep at night, barley tea is an ideal solution. Barley tea has tryptophan and melatonin, which are both active ingredients that promote quality sleep. It is caffeine free and you can have it before you head to bed.



5.     Can cure flu and cold:

Barley tea has anti bacterial properties and is rich in antioxidants. It is an ideal remedy for those suffering from flu and cold. The tea relieves you from congestion and will help cure a sore throat. It also helps build up immunity.


How to make barley tea properly?


In order to enjoy barley tea in the best way possible, you need to learn to brew it right. Follow the below mentioned steps to make barley tea properly.


o   Add 1.5 teaspoons of barley for every cup of water and let it boil.

o   After water comes to a boil, turn off heat and steep for 5 minutes. For stronger brew, steep for 10-15 minutes, which will give a darker color and stronger taste to your brew.

o   Now, strain the roasted barley tea into an empty cup to enjoy a nice cup of hot barley tea!




o   Follow the previous steps.

o   Once the brew is ready, allow the barley tea to cool to room temperature. Then, put the brew in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours to cool completely.

o   Serve with or without ice.


Additional information-


You can also add honey or sugar to the tea for an extra flavor. Many like to add spices like cardamom and cinnamon to add enticing flavors to your barley tea.



Q. What does the tea taste like?

-Barley tea has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor with warm, toasty undertones.

Q. Is there caffeine?

- Barley tea doesn’t contain any caffeine, which is why it’s great to drink all day and night.

Q. Can I add milk or sugar in the tea?

- In the traditional Korean barley tea, no milk or sugar is added.

Q. How can I store barley tea?

- You can store the tea in an airtight container and do not expose it to light, humidity and odor.



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