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Mango Green Tea

Mango Green Tea
Mango Green Tea
Mango Green Tea
Mango Green Tea
Mango Green Tea
Mango Green Tea
Mango Green Tea

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Let the king of fruits create its magic in the world of tea as well. Mango Green Tea is a diaphanous bliss, which has been sourced carefully from the renowned tea estates to let you embark on a journey of the ultimate tea experience. The richness of mango with the goodness of tea is a riot of flavors, which is refreshing on a hot summer afternoon.


Helps in weight loss
Improves digestion
Boosts the immune system
Magical remedy for beautiful eyes and glowing skin



Splashy mango and sweet apple give a fruity punch to the palates. This flavor remains in the mouth until the last sip and leaves you with a refreshing taste. A tinge of citrus keeps the taste buds on the roll.


The pleasing aroma of fruits makes the atmosphere smell sweet and fragrant. Mango and apple have unique flavors and the emulsification of the beautiful ingredients lends a magical fruity aroma to the living space.


Mango Green Tea has a bright greenish-yellow color, when brewed. The liquor can create ripples across the room owing to its vibrant shade. 


Green Tea, Mango Fruit, Apple Fruit, Marigold

What is the ideal time to consume Mango Green Tea?

Have a cup of this refreshing tea as per your convenience and time schedule. Whenever you feel low on energy, make yourself a cup of this incredible blend to feel better.


Making this tea is very simple. Just follow the steps below and you will have the perfect cup of tea ready within no time.
Black Tea

Take 2g of tea in a cup.

Tea Tea

Boil 150ml of water to 90-95 °C and then pour water into the cup.

Green Tea

Cover the cup and let it brew for 4-5 minutes.

Black Tea

Sieve the brew and your tea is ready.

Additional information: You can add sugar, honey or lemon to the brew depending on your taste and preference.
The tea tastes best when it is served cold. After brewing it, you can place it in the refrigerator and once it gets chilled, serve it and feel the freshness in every sip you take.
Just add a few cubes of ice right after your sieve your enjoyable hot brew.