Deja Brew is not only a brand but it is a feeling that all tea lovers can resonate with. Anybody who has an innate desire to appreciate the uniqueness of ingredients, understand health benefits and enjoy the aroma will love Deja Brew.

Uniqueness is All We Brew

Deja Brew aims at playing with different ingredients in the most coveted and thoughtful way to create embellishments that can be cherished by one and all. Be it the fitness freaks or the true chai lovers, from refreshing green tea to the classic masala chai, we have one for all. 

Make your cup of tea worth relishing by picking the right brew from our valley!!

Highest Quality

Nothing but the best is what we claim and offer to our customers. Our Handpicked tea leaves direct from the plantations, ooze with fragrance and make the cup a sight to behold. Enrich your taste buds with our highest quality magical herbs.

Premium Packaging

At Deja Brew, we preserve uniqueness with multi-layered packaging to keep aromatic tea leaves safe from light, air and moisture. Our tea leaves are sourced with love and passion for tea lovers, therefore we take extra precautions to lock in nutrition, flavors and freshness for your enjoyment.

Wide Assortment

We offer various artisanal blends as per the preferences of tea types. Be it the floral teas or the wellness teas or the masala chai, you can pick one from the motley and enjoy the brew at any given time. A plethora of tea options are available with Deja Brew.

100% natural ingredients

With no artificial flavours or colours added to the handpicked leaves, the teas we serve are 100% natural and stands tall on health parameters. We keep the natural taste of the tea intact by delivering its soul in a cup. All our blends are made with 100% real fruits, flowers and spices.

Bundle of health benefits

Natural ingredients are the key aspect of health benefits and in our endeavor to make every cup transude with health benefits, the ingredients have been chosen carefully so that you embark on a journey of sound health with every sip you take.

Pure taste

Tea is in itself an elegant simplicity of utmost bliss. It has the power of elevating our mood and uplifts our body mechanism. With our delightful artisanal blends, we bring vigor to tea lovers. The goodness of ingredients and love from our tea experts gives every cup a memorable one.


Deja Brew offers the best flavors, health benefits and quenches the desire for a perfect cup of tea. Our product portfolio consists of wide variety of teas, fit for every tea lover.

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When passion is transformed into a profession, magic happens and this is how Deja Brew took birth. Tea remains a prominent feature in India as well as British culture. One can sense the love for tea equally at teashops in India and at tea cafes in Britain. The blend of both worlds took me towards Deja Brew. Tea has played an important role in my life since childhood. Born and brought up in an Indian family, I understand the importance of a morning cup of tea. While pursuing studies in United Kingdom, my visit to a tea cafe literally became the most important moment of my life. At the cafe, I realized, whether in India or England, everything stops for tea. This is when I came up with an idea to bring the best of teas to India. As a nation of tea drinkers most of us know very little about where our tea comes from or the different type of teas that our available to us. I wanted to promote a tea culture that focuses on the numerous unknown health benefits of tea.

And that was my moment.

After about a year, I was in Mumbai at a fancy cafe and I saw blue colored tea being served to one of the guests. The astonishing color of the tisane made me order the same brew. The sweet & earthy flavor of the Butterfly pea flower tea blew me away. In a quest to learn more about the brew, I set out to explore on the types of tea. This is when I discovered the various health benefits of tea and understood the importance of how a simple beverage can make its presence felt on the health and wellbeing of an individual. Soon I started on a mission of educating people on the origin, types and health benefits of tea. Our mission is to educate people about the many health benefits of tea while helping our customer understand the origins and flavors behind our selection of loose leafs and ingredients.

I wanted to make sure that people choose the right mix of ingredients for their daily cuppa. For a cup to have novel-tea, proportions need to be accurate and taste must be spot-on. I wanted to offer tea that not only rejuvenates but also brings harmony to mind, body and soul. In search for that perfect cup of tea, I traveled long and far to source the best possible tea one could offer. This long yet exciting journey gave birth to an artisanal tea brand called Deja Brew.

Deja Brew will ensure that you are not just having another cup of tea, but also consuming the best of natural ingredients with an ideal taste and aroma. We believe in delivering the same heavenly feeling at your doorstep by creating the right blend with the right ingredients, which are filled with bundle of health benefits.


What makes Deja Brew stand tall is its commitment to quality and service. Providing ingredients that are of the highest quality and natural is the underlying principle behind which the company works. Integrity is the most important value utilized by Deja Brew. We promise to be truthful about the ingredients we use and keep beverages free from harmful substances. Valuing relationships is another key value that Deja Brew stands by. Be it the employees or the customers, the company aims at giving respect to all those who have stood by its side and helped in its growth. Safety is our final value, which the company thrives on. Deja Brew provides a safe environment for its employees and makes products that are safe to consume.

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