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Mesh Ball Tea Infuser

Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Mesh Ball Tea Infuser
Mesh Ball Tea Infuser

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Our mesh ball tea infuser takes steeping to another level. Made of high quality stainless steel, this elegant tea infuser allows your blend more room to expand and fill your cuppa with beautiful color and flavor. The attached chain and hook makes steeping simpler by allowing for effortless suspension in hot water while keeping the infuser hooked at the rim of the cup or pot.


Easy to use
Provide excellent filtration. Prevent the leaves from spilling into the cup or teapot, which can lead to a bitter taste.
Perfect for brewing herbal teas.
Easy to carry, clean and store. Travel-friendly.
Offers enough space for loose tea to open up and move freely, to give a flavorful cup of tea.
Makes steeping easy in hot water. Designed with a delicate chain and hook at the end. The chain lets you suspend the infuser, while the clip can me be hooked at the rim which allows the infuser to stay up and not sink. Once the tea is brewed, infuser can be removed using the same chain.

How To Use?

Please follow the given steps below :
1. Simply unclasp the mesh ball tea infuser.
2. Add loose leaf tea in the infuser (approx. 2g).
3. Lock it shut with the clasp.
4. Place the mesh ball inside a cup or pot and then add boiling water over the infuser.
5. Allow the infuser to steep for 3-5mins (or as desired).
6. When tea is ready, remove the infuser and enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of tea.

Note: CTC teas are not recommended to be brewed in the mesh ball tea infuser