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Why Choose Us

Uniqueness is All We Brew

Deja Brew aims at playing with different ingredients in the most coveted and thoughtful way to create embellishments that can be cherished by one and all. Be it the fitness freaks or the true chai lovers, from lean & skinny blend to the classic Assam ctc chai, we have one for all. We wish to make your cup of tea beyond the definition of just a drink to something that offers numerous medicinal benefits and can be had at any time of the day.

Make your cup of tea worth relishing by picking the right brew from our valley!!

Why Choose Deja Brew?

Highest Quality

Nothing but the best is what we claim and offer to our customers. Our Handpicked tea leaves direct from the plantations, ooze with fragrance and make the cup a sight to behold. Enrich your taste buds with our highest quality magical herbs.

Premium Packaging

At Deja Brew, we preserve uniqueness with multi-layered packaging to keep aromatic tea leaves safe from light, air and moisture. Our tea leaves are sourced with love and passion for tea lovers, therefore we take extra precautions to lock in nutrition, flavors and freshness for your enjoyment.

Wide Assortment

We offer various artisanal blends as per the preferences of tea types. Be it the floral teas or the wellness teas or the masala chai, you can pick one from the motley and enjoy the brew at any given time. A plethora of tea options are available with Deja Brew.


100% natural ingredients

With no artificial flavours or colours added to the handpicked leaves, the teas we serve are 100% natural and stands tall on health parameters. We keep the natural taste of the tea intact by delivering its soul in a cup. All our blends are made with 100% real fruits, flowers and spices.

Bundle of health benefits

Natural ingredients are the key aspect of health benefits and in our endeavor to make every cup transude with health benefits, the ingredients have been chosen carefully so that you embark on a journey of sound health with every sip you take.

Pure taste

Tea is in itself an elegant simplicity of utmost bliss. It has the power of elevating our mood and uplifts our body mechanism. With our delightful artisanal blends, we bring vigor to tea lovers. The goodness of ingredients and love from our tea experts gives every cup a memorable one.

For Deja Brew,
Tea is the only way to spread cheers and sparkle of joy.